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Just a few of the comments we've received.

'Dear Dan - as always a pleasure to have you helping me with my site.  As always your friendliness made it a pleasure.  As always you have gone well beyond the 'call of duty'.  As a non-techie I particularly appreciate your not making me feel like a complete idiot!.  Good luck with all of your new developments!   SunWALKER'

- Roger Prentice,


Stainless is an honest website design company who has also helped me make inroads in the market place via the net. I can take on the bigger companies now and my investment spent procuring Stainless expertise has led to sales we would not have achieved otherwise.My company is currently developing a new internet based venture and I trust Stainless to help deliver the goods.

- Trevor Davies,


Having been naive enough to try to create my own website (it took me nearly a year!), I finally realised that it requires a certain type of intellect to work with all the gobbledygook and produce a professional looking site! Although I am an artist, I realised that this does not mean that I posses this faculty (particularly as I am dislecksick!!). Luckily, though, a good friend recommended "Dan the Man" to me, who scooped up all the c*** I had thrown together and, seemingly effortlessly, threw it back together into what is now a fabulously elegant and comprehensive site!

Furthermore, Dan has always been ever-ready to explain things in plain English to me and ever-patient with my technical thickness, and is, in fact, an all round pleasant, helpful and friendly guy to work with. He has even made it very simple for me to edit and add things to my site, making me feel that I do have control over it - which is very important to me. However, I always know that he will be willing to help with anything I'm stuck on, or any cock-ups I make (thankfully!).

Basically, I would thoroughly recommend Stainless Steel to anyone wanting to set up a site with minimum effort and maximum support.

- Belinda Darrington,


I couldn’t begin to tell you what a find Dan Hall and have been to me and my companies' websites..  Less then a year ago my website manager just left town never to be heard from again, and me having limited information about running a website, I went into a major panic. 

My sites (2) are built in html (geeklog) and after weeks of trying to find someone who could help me out.  I became desperate and went to a site called geeklog and told my dilemma on their forum page and from there Dan Hall answered my call for HELP.

From the first email with Dan he made me feel like there was hope for my dilemma.  It was scary to just trust someone on the internet with information about your website (especially since he lived in the UK and me in the US) but something about him made me trust him from the start. I worked with Dan thru email until he got me educated with Skype and the progress we made together and the things he has taught me about websites is incredible.   Dan is remarkable, he had taught me so much in such a short period of time, he has been willing to do as much or as little with the site as I would like and is always there to walk me through the tough stuff. He has also been willing to make the emergency changes I need in a panic and then is willing to go back and teach me how he did it.  Beyond the teaching aspects of Dan, he has since designed a new look for both my sites and the fan base that goes to these sites love the new modern look and the fact that our sites are easy to get around in has also made a big difference. 

Dan and his company is and will always be the company I will recommend to anyone who is wanting to have a website built or maintained or has issues with the internet that no one wants to deal with.  

Thanks Dan….You're the Best!!!!!

- Tina Gallison, and


"I was pleasantly surprised with the web design results from Stainless Design. The website looks professional, and the customer service was impeccable. Together we worked on creating the perfect custom site for me, and it has exceeded my expectations!"

- Victoria Hall (no relation to Dan!),


"I really don't know where to begin. I'm a voracious reader, and make a note of reviewing everything I read. I decided I wanted a blog on my own domain name, to replace my old one at blogspot, and that I wanted it to have a few more advanced features.

"I scoped out the competition, but none of them really inspired me. It seemed as though other design agencies only wanted to deal with depressingly corporate blue-and-white websites {note from Dan - that's because corporate websites only take ten minutes to design!}, and didn't have any sense of style or class.

"Then I came across Stainless Design, and decided to give them a go. I gave them a rough outline of what I wanted from an ideal website, and they went off and worked on it.

"When they unveiled the prototype, I couldn't believe my eyes. It wasn't at all what I had in mind - it was better. They'd taken my original idea, and built upon it in such a way that my original vision was still very much intact, but it had been extended and somehow made even more beautiful. I won't go so far as to say that they read my mind, but they certainly figured out what I was trying to express, and not just built it, but built it in a way that exceeded my expectations.

"It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't terribly expensive either - and I got what I paid for and more!

"The site runs on Geeklog, which I hadn't heard of before - but Dan showed me how everything worked, and it all made perfect sense. The site hasn't been online very long, and I've already gotten hundreds of thousands of visitors, most of whom are coming in via search engines. Dan has also upgraded the site's core engine for me, and made such modifications as I see fit over time. The customer service I've had from Stainless Design is exemplary, and other companies should take a long, hard look at his sites - maybe he could teach them a thing or two!"

- Emily Held,

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