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Food for the spiders

In brief:
Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of taking an existing website and tweaking it to hopefully gain a higher search engine ranking.

There are a lot of search engine optimisation companies out there, and not all of them are honest. In fact, a lot of them are outright crooks, playing on people's limited understandings of the Mysteries of Google in order to make a fast few quid.

We'd like to take this opportunity to not only talk to you about the sort of SEO that we carry out, but also to bust the whole issue wide open and tell you as many juicy secrets as we can before you get bored.

Nobody can guarantee you Google's number one spot for any given search terms. If they offer such a guarantee, they are lying, plain and simple. Nobody can give a guarantee on something with so many parameters not only out of their control but even outside of their influence, however indirect. No amount of money or argument can change this.

Google's algorithms are a closely-guarded secret, and as such nobody can guarantee anything when it comes to Google because we simply don't know for sure how it works. We have a rough idea of how many parameters can affect a given site's ranking for a given search term, but we have no real specifics, and the algorithms are constantly updated to guard against people getting insider information.

What we have is information we've compiled based on observation of the effects of certain techniques, that we can draw from to give us an educated guess at how Google ranks your site, and a rough prediction of how it will react if we make a given change. The fact that these educated guesses have had a positive effect when applied in practical terms doesn't necessarily mean that the guesses were entirely correct in the first place; just that we're along the right lines.

Therefore, we can say to you "We'll do this, and you do that, and in our experience the combination of these actions has always persuaded Google to give a higher search ranking." We have never, and will never, say "We'll make these changes, and you'll be number one for sure." Such claims are dishonest, and we cannot condone them.

How it actually works:
We can sum up what you need to get into Google in a single sentence.

"To get high rankings in Google, you need to have (1) quality, original content, that you (2) update regularly, that is (3) good enough to encourage other website owners to link to it, and is (4) laid out in a way that both visitors and Google can understand and absorb."

Points one, two, and three are your concern. Point four, you can leave up to us. All four of these elements need to be in place before you can achieve a high ranking.

When you commission us for a SEO job, we will make recommendations on points 1, 2 and 3, and take action on point 4. Hit "Advanced" for more detailed information, "Examples" to see sites that we've helped to get good search engine traffic, and "Start" to see what's actually involved and how to begin.


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