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Keeping us sharp.

We formed the Principles of Website Design after taking on a rapid succession of site overhaul commissions from people who'd been ripped off with shoddy template sites from larger website design companies. We made these principles, and live by them, so that we never become lazy or complacent.

Everybody gets a website.Everybody gets a website.
Anyone who has genuine need of a website shall have one, regardless of how much money they have or do not have.

Our pricing structure is flexible enough that you can pretty well come to us and say "I've got £x to spend on a website, what can you give me?"

You might have a couple of grand to blow on a website. That's great, and you'll be getting an all-singing, all-dancing behemoth of a site. Or, you might have twenty quid. That's okay, too. We can do a website for twenty quid. It won't be a great website, but it'll be all right, and it'll still be in line with all of our other principles.

The important thing is that nobody gets left behind, and that's why you can commission us with just about any amount of money.

There is no arguable reason for any given website to resemble another.There is no arguable reason for any given website to resemble another.
Pre-built website templates are not used at any stage of production.

It's pretty easy for any twelve-year-old with a pirate copy of SuperEasyWebSite4U2000 to knock out a site based on a pre-made template, and charge you twenty quid. That's to be expected, and you might even argue that twenty quid is a fair price for a template site.

It's unfortunately just as easy for a company employing forty kids just out of school to do the same thing, and charge four or five hundred pounds for a website that looks exactly the same as a couple of thousand other websites out there. This is also to be expected, but you could never argue that £500 is a reasonable price to pay for less than an hour's work in any profession, no matter how skilled the craftsman - not that skill is relevant, necessary or even desirable when templates are involved, of course.

We never use pre-made templates for our websites, and we go to sometimes ridiculous lengths to make sure that no two websites ever end up looking the same. We create a new template for every site, to ensure continuity between pages, and once we're done that template never gets used again. Nor do any of the graphics from the website - you won't find little bits and pieces from your website turning up on someone else's page! Well... at least if you do, it won't be anything to do with us.

The creation of a website is just as valid an art form as the content presented therein.The creation of a website is just as valid an art form as the content presented therein.
Websites should always be both beautiful and functional; if they're not, someone clearly isn't trying hard enough.

Making websites isn't just something we do to pay the rent; it's a medium of expression comprising visual, textual, aural and interactive elements, coming together to create something that, by its very nature, has to be both functional and beautiful. When this company started off with just me in 1999, I couldn't draw, paint or play the guitar (still can't, really), so I naturally looked for new ways of creating beauty. I could write, and I could program, so website work seemed a good idea at the time. It's still a pretty good idea today.

Our customers have always felt secure because we care about what we create, and that's just as true now we have a lot of customers as it was in 1999 when we had exactly one.


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