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In brief:
Flash websites use a wealth of different techniques to convey information or absorb the user, including animation, audio, video and interactive sections. They often respond to stimuli in interesting and unusual ways, and can even mimic a degree of artificial intelligence.

When you view a video on YouTube, Flash is being used as a surround for the video player (including the control buttons). When you play a game in your Web browser, it's almost certainly running in Flash.

Visually, Flash can do just about anything. Its interactive capabilities make it well-suited for building games and complex websites. Some of the most beautiful and interesting websites ever made were created in Flash.

However, Flash sites are quite expensive. Also, building a website entirely in Flash can hinder its search engine rankings, so we only recommend using Flash where it's justified for technical or artistic purposes, and where other methods of promotion are available.

It's possible to blend Flash components in with traditional HTML or XHTML (or a combination of other technologies) to build a website commonly known as a hybrid site. Until recently, hybrid sites have been frowned upon by professional developers because they're not terribly accessible - people with visual impairments have a hard time making sense of Flash files, since the text can't be easily translated by a screen reader. Likewise with people surfing on their PDAs or mobile phones. However, hybrid websites are now becoming more readily accepted, perhaps due to the success of websites like YouTube and Google Spreadsheets, both of which rely heavily on Flash.

Your Flash project needn't be an entire website - we can simply add some Flashy bits to your existing site. Or, you might want us to create a promotional game for you, or an animated postcard. Whatever you'd like to do, we can help you out.


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